It Ain’t Mead, But It’ll Do

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Ahh summer.  A time when my mind turns to thoughts of dusty quarries, dead animals that have stopped stinking millions of years ago, and that perfect brew to tip back after a day of intense sun, dried-out PB and J sandwiches, and plaster encrusted fingernails.

Only after briefly researching this brew did I find out that Blue Moon was a subsidiary of Coors.  I’ve only recently been a Blue Moon convert; their variety is rather nice in the beer deprived singularity that is western South Dakota.  However, the old adage of Coors being like “relations in a canoe” is not too far off the mark, but I thought I’d dive in liver first and see what transpired.

The Blue Moon website describes it as a “wheat ale crafted with clover honey for a hint of sweetness balanced out with a touch of orange peel for subtle citrus notes.”

Color: Light straw color more reminiscent of wheat rather than the honey in the description.  Light effervescence.  Very thin head.

Aroma: I cannot really distinguish a whole lot from this.  Its pretty devoid of any distinct nose.

Taste: Very light mouthfeel.  Slightly bitter biscuit or Saltine cracker start that is pretty powerful.  The “subtle citrus notes” do come through after the biscuit essence has faded.  No real finish to speak of.

While this isn’t bad, it suffers from the same problem as most summer beers, a real lack of character.  While summer beers should be light and refreshing, I guess I’d opt for something much more minimalistic.  This brew seems to want to be a summer ale, but is trying to sneak in some substance in a way that is a bit too subtle.  Even the citrus, which isn’t bad in a summer ale, just doesn’t seem to cut it.

That being said, I’ll probably finish this one and start another.

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